Cow Patty - A Justice Security Novel

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After the dramatic events experienced in "Jim Dandy", Patty Ferguson and Brandon King decide to take a vacation. They need a well-deserved rest before taking on the responsibilities of taking charge of the plainclothes personnel at the new second Justice Security location.

They choose to return to Carson City, Nevada. Patty, not an outdoors person, found the desert to be relaxing. Brandon books them into Big Daddy’s Hotel And Casino, where Homer “Big Daddy” Crenshaw is waiting for them.

Big Daddy has had some trouble with a local gang, and would like to let the fact that a couple of Justice Security people are on the premises circulate. With the okay from Joey Justice and the other partners of Justice Security, Brandon and Patty agree to the request.

But, when Big Daddy turns up dead, and the two vacationing young people are left stranded in the desert, Justice Security descends on Carson City to take care of their own, in their own explosive manner!

Inspired by Jim Stafford’s classic song, "Cow Patty – A Justice Security Novel" will keep you laughing while it builds your excitement!

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