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Quarta di copertina

DESCRIPTION Two women, one old and one young, share a secret. Their favorite sex toy is in the produce section of the supermarket. Two men, one old and one young, share another secret. It takes a special woman to handle a man of their size. It’s more than a coincidence when these four find each other, consummating their forbidden passions and taking them to a whole new taboo level. EXCERPT “Put it in me now, baby, slowly, gently,” Lori said in a quiet voice. She gasped and shuddered as she felt her son’s huge cock stretching her vaginal sphincter fully open as it slowly slid into her so very wet and ready pussy and filled her up so wonderfully and completely. This wasn’t a cucumber. This was a huge, hard cock and it was attached to a warm, masculine, living man, a man any woman would love to have fucking her… if she could take his big cock. Lori was taking it and her son was going slowly, gently as she’d told him, not fast and hard as many young, inexperienced men might have done in their lust and desire. The fast and hard would come later, Lori knew, after her pussy was used to the size of her son’s cock. And then Lori came. She gasped and grunted and hugged her son tightly and shoved her hips up to get as much of his cock in her pussy as she could as her body shuddered with orgasmic delight. “Ahhh!” Lori sighed as her pussy spasmed its last around her son’s hard cock. “Oh my,” she said and then took a deep breath and let it out. Then she laughed. “Oh, Noah, that was fantastic,” she said as she looked up at her son with a big smile on her face. Noah was supporting his torso on his elbows and looking down into his mother’s pale blue eyes that, now, were crinkled so beautifully with pleasure and happiness. When his mother gasped and shuddered and held on to him so tightly he had stopped moving. His cock was shoved deep in her pussy and it felt so wonderful to him, that tight, wet, velvety soft sleeve. He felt it clenching and releasing his thickness as she came and that surprised him, never having fucked a woman before and having no experience on how their pussies spasm rhythmically when they come. He was also surprised that she’d come that quickly. Was his mother a nympho? A sexual freak? Cool, if she is! he thought. With his limited understanding about sex, he did know that women couldn’t always come like a guy could. “Did you just come?” he asked, although he knew she had. He didn’t know that a very sexual woman like his mother, with just the right stimulation—more mental than physical—could come easily and quickly in just the right situation. “Yes, Noah. I just came.” Lori said. She placed her hands behind her son’s head and pulled him down to where she could kiss him again, a long, loving kiss.

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