Accidental Incest

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DESCRIPTION Tracey had never thought of having incestuous relationship with her son. Upon discovering his love of rough sex, erotic bondage, and depraved acts, Tracey introduces him to a more intimate side of sexual release. When her son uses Tracey’s erotic lessons to seduce and impregnate his long lost sister, just what secret fantasies will surface from the undying devotion of such a taboo loving family? EXCERPT “Yes, Son. For the next three months I will be your teacher in the fine art of erotic seduction. I will show you how to get any reasonable woman you desire. I just ask that you observe the rules I’ve set.” “I’m more than happy to live with that, but does that mean that you don’t want me to do what we did last night again?” “Oh no, I enjoyed that.” I confessed brightly to him. “Every other day I will be your whore and do exactly as you suggested. I won’t wear panties and you may do any wicked thing to me you would like provided it doesn’t leave marks. You will find that I am quite sexually adventurous and would love to bump into you at a concert.” I smiled teasingly at him. “Mother!” He gasped. “I’m glad I could surprise you. Fucking in public is one of my greatest fantasies, and I’ve only done it with your father. I’m sure you’ll help me experience it again?” “Absolutely.” He gasped. “You will discover that when you unlock a woman the right way, train her to love you as she trains you to love her, that there will be few things she will deny you. That’s what I want to show you. So, be creative and remember that on my nights, there is no guarantee I’ll take you to my bed.” “You wouldn’t leave me with blue balls, would you mother?” “That’s always a woman’s prerogative,” I smiled. Let’s see how well you do.” I stood before him without revealing a glimpse of anything. “Your stepfather will go to bed at 9:00 and should be asleep by 9:30. A woman likes a gentleman not a wolf; so I want you to meet me here in the living room. This is a date, so treat it as such; wear a suit for me.” “A suit?” “Yes darling, you can’t seduce a real woman, turn the lady into a whore, in blue jeans and a T-shirt. That’s the first thing you need to learn. The woman has control, not the man. It’s the man’s job to make us loose control and not to take it from us.” I smiled. “I think I understand?” He questioned. “Then why have you kept your seat? It’s customary for a gentleman to stand for a woman,” Paul leapt to his feet, and I approached him seductively. As I got to him, I took him into my arms and kissed him gently. Paul tried to be aggressive and I pulled away. “Uh-uh, just a taste for now.” I pressed my lips and body to him. I wasn’t wearing a bra either and I made sure to crush my large breasts against his chest so he could feel them. I was delighted to feel that he was rock hard for me.

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