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The Gift is designed to give an understanding and overall guide to a variety of psychic abilities. Your curiosity is healthy and I have included an outline of well-known psychic methods and techniques which become more pronounced as you begin your journey.  

We are all able to develop our psychic-selves and during this book you will become comfortable with explanations and my personal experiences as it opens up to what happens when I connect with spirits, angels, guides and ethereal beings. I hope to ignite your senses to the worlds we don’t see, hear or sense. Or do we? I say we do and l will help you through this book to understand the world beyond ourselves.
My psychic abilities are now second nature and I use what I need each day. The book is filled with experiences and interesting stories as I traveled to countries with ancient history with my partner and connected to the spirit world. 

So please join me as we move into the realm of reconnecting to our Universal Family and begin to rediscover and reconnect our natural abilities. 

My invitation is genuine and all I ask is an open mind as I take you through my documented experiences to assist your understanding.

Welcome to the world of psychic senses.

Sussan Evermore

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