A Treatise of Human Nature

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A Treatise of Human Nature - A Treatise of Human Nature is a book by Scottish philosopher David Hume, first published (in parts) from the end of 1738 to 1740. The full title of the Treatise is A Treatise of Human Nature: Being an Attempt to Introduce the Experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects. It contains the following sections: - Book 1: "Of the Understanding" – An investigation into human cognition. Important statements of Skepticism. - Book 2: "Of the Passions" – A treatment of emotions and free will. - Book 3: "Of Morals" – A treatment of moral ideas, justice, obligations, benevolence. David Hume - David Hume (7 May 1711 – 25 August 1776) or David Home (birth name) was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist, who is best known today for his highly influential system of radical philosophical empiricism, skepticism, and naturalism.

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