Lian Hua

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DESCRIPTION A horny Chinese woman descends gradually into a sexual abyss of her own making, then attempts to recover from her fate. To her surprise, opportunities abound for sex of all kinds on all sides, once her inhibitions are thrown aside. But, this does not please one important person… He plans. What she fails to know was this; the ground-work for her failures had been laid in her youth. EXCERPT Skippy was getting good at this. So very good. Lian-hua realized how much she actually loved the way his prick felt as it moved in and out of her pussy. She loved its length. She loved the thickness of it. And she especially loved the good, hard and very long fucking Skippy gave her. “Oh yes, Skippy! Yes! Fuck me, boy! Fuck me good!” she cried as she strove to meet his every thrust with an upward thrust of her own. At that point in time, she didn’t give a damn that she was fucking her dog. She only cared about the exquisite sensations and the intensely satisfying sex she was having. Under those circumstances, Lian-hua realized that she’d fuck an orangutan or anything else that could do her like Skippy. Skippy shuddered and barked. Lian-hua knew that meant he was about to come. She gripped his fur tighter and fucked him with everything she had left until she felt his doggie cum jetting into her hungry pussy in several long, hard spurts. This caused her to come again as well. She dropped her arms to the side and simply let Skippy finish the job. A few seconds later, she saw him wander away, looking very tired and happy. “I’m all his,” she thought. “I’m all his and he knows it. I’m Skippy’s bitch!” She dragged herself back to the sofa and looked down at the cum oozing from her still-throbbing slit. Skippy usually came a lot, but tonight it looked as if he came more than usual. She eased two fingers into her cunt and moved them around until they became coated with cum. Then she eased them back out and looked at them in the lamplight. Her fingers glistened sexily, the way they did when they were covered by Art’s cum. She put them to her nose and sniffed. It was odorless.

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