Love Stranger Still

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Quarta di copertina

DESCRIPTION Steve has fallen for another woman leaving both Rosie and Zaida desperate! All worked up and willing to experiment these two women are soon turning toward their teenage sons for release. When their sexual nights of bliss become erotic and experimental, will Rosie and Zaida go even further with their taboo desires? Could incestuous mother son sex be the key to keeping their husbands interest? EXCERPT Susan lay on her back. Her legs were spread wide and her almond shaped eyes were half shut as she enjoyed the delicious sensation of Art’s tongue moving over her extended labia and swollen clit. Each lick caused her thighs to tremble. Each soft nibble at her clit made her moan dreamily. No one ate pussy better than Art. No man or woman she ever had could use his or her tongue as well as he did. Art was the best. He knew exactly when to lick fast, when to slow down, when to suck, when to nibble and when to slide his fingers into her twitching cunt. He took his time so she could really enjoy it. Art never failed to get Susan off. Each time she came, she experienced a series of deep, satisfying and explosive orgasms. That’s why she agreed to come to China with him. Art needed her as a translator. She needed sex. Lots and lots of sex. It was a perfect arrangement—one that was even encouraged by Art’s wife, Rosie. Susan felt herself coming. She opened her thighs as wide as possible and grabbed Art’s hair. As his tongue penetrated her quivering snatch even deeper, she began humping his face faster and faster. When she came, her entire body trembled, and then went stiff. As the second wave hit her, Susan rocked from side to side and sighed happily. Art dug his fingers into her soft behind and began sucking her clit. This sent wave after wave of intense pleasure racing through Susan’s body. She gripped his hair tighter now and silently begged him with her body to continue. After a few more minutes, she released her grip. Art got between her legs. Susan grabbed his erection and gave it a few easy strokes, then closed her eyes as Art rammed it home with one easy, deep penetrating thrust that elicited a happy “Oh yes!” from Susan. Before long, they were fucking like crazy. It was a nice, long fuck that made Susan shiver uncontrollably as she came again. Then she felt Art’s prick spasm. She arched her back and fucked him back as hard as she could until he came deep inside her cunt. Art moaned when he came. He came a lot, too. It felt like gallons jetting into Susan’s body. They just kept at it until Art’s prick went...

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