Country Taboo

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DESCRIPTION A story of passion and tragedy. David and Evelyn were high school sweethearts who now share an idyllic life. He's a successful lawyer, she runs their farm. Their child Patricia, the delight of their lives, is a slow learner who has difficulty in school. Homeschooling shows she's a genius with wisdom beyond her years. Her parents determine to make up for things she missed, including sex. EXCERPT For the moment he then stopped thinking as he was again enjoying the sensation of her tight but now moist pussy gripping his cock. Somehow it had come naturally as she was now making the sensual movements that enhance making love and his motions were very compatible with hers. She had her arms around his neck, kissed him on the cheek and then whispered in his ear like a lover would. "I love you Dad." He lifted his head to look her in the eyes and as they both smiled he gave her what started to be a gentle kiss on the lips that turned into a passionate open-mouthed kiss with their tongues rapidly swirling together. This French kiss lasted much longer than expected but finally he broke the kiss and they both were breathing heavily. Patricia was learning fast about intimate contact. As was his style he held back an orgasm until she came but this time he let it loose his orgasm right after hers so it was almost as if they came together. As the months rolled on by David continued to wrestle with his conscience, but Evelyn had made peace with hers and she had convinced Patricia that all was well. Then, on a warm August evening when the three of them were having a late dinner with light conversation, Evelyn looked David in the eyes with a rather seductive smile and turned to Patricia to ask, "Would you like to sleep with your father and me tonight?" "Sure Mom," she answered in her innocent fashion not really catching on to what her mother really meant. Evelyn then turned back to David and he could see in his face that he knew what she had in mind. After dinner and about an hour of TV, it was time. Evelyn led the way to the master bedroom and by now even Patricia knew what was about to happen. After they undressed, Evelyn said to David, "Lie on your back so Patricia can get on top; I just want to watch you two for a while." They did as commanded and as Patricia did her rocking motions that she was getting so good at, Evelyn sat in the swivel rocker and was smiling as she enjoyed being the voyeur. Patricia was easy to bring to orgasm and she did not know how to hold back. "Mom!" she exclaimed as she reached her climax, "I felt that tingle again; I like it!"

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