Country Taboo: The Sequel

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DESCRIPTION Being dedicated to their work, Patricia and David now need some time off – time off to play! For this sexually adventurous couple, it’s time to reunite with some old friends. A father daughter themed foursome is just what the doctor ordered. In this incestuous tale of threesomes, adventurous sex, and kinky lovers, what could possibly happen next for Patricia and David? EXCERPT Patricia finished her beer before David did and then excused herself to go to the head, but that was only a ploy to remove her bikini as a surpise. When she returned to the table where he was drinking his beer, she stood before him in the nude with her arms akimbo and asked, "How do you like your little girl now?" "My dear, you are beautiful wearing anything or nothing at all." "May I have another beer?" she asked. While Patricia was drinking her second beer and her father was still on his first, she was fingering her pussy under the table between sips. Having agreed not to talk about work, the conversation was light referring to express how much they loved being on the yacht that they often referred to as the 'love boat'. After finishing her second beer, she stood up and with a smile to let her father gaze once more at her naked body. To her delight his eyes focused on the reddish hairs of her pussy. I'm damn sure glad she doesn't shave that pretty thing, he was thinking. Seeing that he was pleased at what he was viewing, she put her middle finger, the one that had been inside her pussy, right under her father's nose. He smiled broadly as soon as he caught the scent and she now knew that he was ready. "Let's go out onto the deck Dad," she suggested, "Let's fuck under the sun with the breeze brushing our naked bodies." They laid two comforters on top of each other accompanied with pillows and after he undressed, she said, "I want to sit on the handsome face of my dear. Show me what you can do with that talented tongue." With David on his back, she did exactly what she said she wanted to do: sit on his face. He knew that he was expected to work his tongue into her anus and that was a skill he had employed very well with his daughter over the years.

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