Alpha Detective

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"Detective Jayden Stark, he's trouble. Detectives don't waltz into omega strip clubs unless it's one of two things. They want to mate or there's trouble. I don't know which one I'd prefer."

Sean is an omega stripper and does his job well. But when Jayden Stark, a big shot detective rolls through the club's door, his scent distracts Sean.

Now with baby kittens on the line, will Sean be able to swallow his pride? Or will he become another stray cat living out of a box?


Men couldn't get enough of my latex knee-high stilettos as I worked the pole and danced like a cat in heat.

But then he came.... Detective Stark. Jayden Stark. I had seen him on the news. Hmph, he was one of those big shot detectives. The ones with the big trench coat and shiny metal badges. The one with insane smelling hormones. Alpha detectives could lay almost any omega they laid their eyes on.

'Hmmm, he's pretty handsome,' my inner cat purred. 'Maybe you should take advantage of him.'

I shook off the slightly dirty thoughts that littered my head. My inner cat was such a perv... and rightly so. Detective Stark's Columbian coffee skin, goatee and dreads were to die for. And that sexy little streak of gray on his goatee and dreads? Ugh, downright eye candy. Not to mention the smell that came off of him. It mesmerized me as I swirled around the pole in a daze.

I missed my footing and fell down. F---. What a stupid move. This man's scent was screwing me up.

"You all right, Sean?" one of my co-workers asked, rushing to my side with a pack of ice. "That was one hell of a nasty fall."

"I know. Something took me off guard. I feel like an idiot," I said, holding the ice pack on my knee. God, I had hoped hard that it wouldn't leave a mark.

"All the customers are so worried about you. Do you wanna go back out?" he asked.

"Nah, I'll sit this out. You go take 'em by storm, Ren."

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