A Scandal In Bohemia


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A young lady named Violet Hunter visited Hopkins and Holmes. She said that she got a job offer from a man called Jephro Rucastle. He wanted that she teachs his child but he also wanted that she wears some dress that his wife will give and cut her hair short. First she didn’t agree, but she needed money. She asked Holmes if this offer is acceptable. Holmes adviced her to try it. Her first days at the Copper Beeches were nice. Mrs Rucastle was a sad women and often cried. Mr Rucastle had a daughter from his first wife. She is twent years old and living in Amerika. After some days Mr and Mrs Rucastle want her to wear some blue dress. After that Mr Rucastle tells her some funny stories. She was reading a book for him. Suddenly he ordered her to stop writing. The next day they wanted her to wear the blue dress again, but this time she hid a small mirror in her hand. Mr Rucastle was telling her funny stories. She noticed that a man on the road was looking at her. Mrs Rucastle saw the mirror. She said that a man was looking at Miss Hunter. “ Is he a friend of your, Miss Hunter?” asked Mr Rucastle. Violet denied. She gave the man a sign to leave and left the room. That was the last time she wear the blue dress and saw the man on the road.

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