23 Tips to Learn Stuff Better

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23 Tips to Learn Stuff Better - copertina

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Did you know learning is a skill? Did you know that learning to learn stuff better is much easier once you know how? Did you know there are dozens of ways to improve your ability to learn more stuff in less time that you can apply immediately?

If you didn’t, you’re in luck. This little book might be just what you need. By using these simple but effective methods, you will improve your capacity to learn, understand more and remember for longer. You’ll start getting better grades, start feeling better about your classes and become a better student.

It doesn’t require brain surgery, hormone injections, getting tattooed in unmentionable places or paying for extra tuition. In fact, beyond the (extremely modest) cost of this book, applying them is virtually free.

So what are you waiting for?

Avoid wasting any more study time and start getting the most out of your education by picking out your favourite top study tips and start learning stuff better right now.

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