Crank Town Ripper: an edge of your seat, scary psychological thriller

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Crank Town Ripper I was orphaned when I was eight, losing my parents to what I have always thought was a tragic accident. My memory has been incredibly erratic since the incident and panic attacks have forced me to stick to my safe zones. Recently, I have had my eyes on a seemingly normal girl-her name is Jules. Like myself, she is an outsider and seeks the acceptance of a pair of witty, goby girls. I watched the girls from behind my telescope but later that night, something unexpected happens-What I thought was an amorous couple displaying affection turned out to be a bizarre murder that was actively happening in front of my lens. A man is found dead near my home without any eyeballs in his face. There is a serial killer on the loose in Crank Town. The killer is a prolific butcher and people are maimed in the most savage of ways. The killer is brutal, brazen and calculated-most of the clues left behind are either not enough to make a connection or just deliberately left behind to taunt the police. My house gets invaded and there is no sign of a break in. I am frightened for my life. If the killer isn't stopped soon, I could be next on the Crank Town ripper's murder list.

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