A Criminal Is Born


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Sick and Twisted Thoughts of a Warped Mind The 18 fictional poems in this crime poetry book explore the dark side of life and humanity. The book comes in two parts. In the first and titular part, a criminal is born when a doctor goes for a psychiatric assessment and it reveals that he has some serious mental disturbances, and he goes over the edge before treatment can begin. A murdering spree ensues in which the man commits horrible crimes. The story is told in ten poems, and they may disturb sensitive readers. The first part relays the story to the second part, which starts its own story inspired by the last stanza of the first part. Titled “Grim Reaper,” it portrays death and its effects on our lives. It features eight poems in which the Grim Reaper (death’s personification) is seen going about the business of taking people’s lives.

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