A conversation with Linda McCartney

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This book originally contained the story of our connection to Linda McCartney in 2011. However as we made further contact with her we added extra chapters. Recently through a prompting we made contact with her once again and she has given us a special message for her daughter Heather Louise. We began the original 'Conversations with Linda McCartney' on a quiet Sunday morning in Bath in the United Kingdom. That morning I had a strong prompting to contact her through Sussan. I said to Sussan it might be possible that she wants to be in contact with us, would she attempt to contact her and open a channel. What I discovered about Linda through our forty minute channelling sessions was a very real loving person in the true sense who spoke candidly about her life with Paul and her children, her death from cancer and answers to my question of how this could have happened to someone so health conscious. I asked about her feelings towards Heather Mills and Paul's current wife Nancy Shevell, their children and life in general. The answers revealed a remarkable woman, compassionate, intelligent and very giving of herself towards her husband and children. However what shone in all our conversations was her deep love for Paul and her enduring love for her children and their well being now and into the future. Questions and answers revealed her feelings towards her life as the wife of Paul McCartney, the famous celebrity, and mother of her children. The reasons she saw for her passing and advice to other woman regarding breast cancer. Her answers are remarkable to say the least. One of the questions I asked her was how would Paul react to news that we have a spiritual connection with her, she shrugged her shoulders and said he would probably dismiss it. The other question was how would the children react to any news of the sessions with her and the answer was they were used to media interest in them and as a close family they would also be inclined to ignore it. Linda said they were all spiritual people in their own right, able and capable of making their own decisions on this matter. Please enjoy, with an open mind, 'Conversations with Linda, A Mother's message for Heather Louise'. Bon Voyage into a world that exists beyond our known reality.

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