50 Things to Know About Beating Sugar Addiction


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What to Know and Tips to Handle Sugar Addiction

We are living in a time of health crisis brought upon on by the changing modern diet and the evolution of highly processed foods. One of the main ingredients in most processed foods and certainly one of the biggest problem ingredients is sugar.

It is obvious that cutting down on the consumption of sugar and ultimately breaking sugar addiction is a necessary and beneficial component in continued long term positive health. It is also obvious that you must not depend on the food industry or government regulations to start making healthy decisions for you.

50 Things to Know About Beating Sugar Addiction

This book is a list of 50 things to know about breaking sugar addiction. I hope that by reading this book you can cut down on and/or eliminate your daily consumption of sugar and improve your quality of life. The short term process of ridding your diet of sugar can be vexing but the long term health benefits are well worth it!

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