Cooking courses in Sardinia - The recipes of Mary and Roby

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"Cooking courses in Sardinia - The recipes of Mary and Roby" is a video book, which contains video and text instructions of 12 Sardinian recipes. In this first edition, the interactive book explains how delicious cold and hot appetizers, main dishes and desserts, are prepared: from the bread basket of "Pane carasau" with smoked ricotta and grated bottarga, handmade ravioli with ricotta and chard, braised lamb with lemon, "Gattò" and "Amaretti", and much more. Mary and Roby organize cooking courses for their guests throughout the year. Informations are provided in this book. The video book can be found in Italian, German and English language in the libraries. The EPUB3, can be read by various book readers. The book readers listed below are just a few examples: MAC: iBooks. Windows: Readium (Chrome browser plugin). IOS: iBooks and Gitden Reader. Android: Gitden Reader. Interactive PDF can be read by: MAC and Windows: Adobe Acrobat Reader. IOS: PDF reader. Android: EZPDF Reader. Enjoy reading and welcome to the beautiful island of Sardinia!

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