Iguana Care Handbook

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You want to own an iguana? Do you know what it takes to
make that happen?
Owning an iguana is not something simple. You have to
balance their living environment with their needs for the
most natural levels of protection. If you don’t invest the
time in finding the right type of living area for your iguana
and give him the proper care, he will not be as healthy as he
should be. In fact, without the right environment, he will
There are many people that don’t invest enough time in
determining the right living environment for their iguana. In
the first chapter, we talk about just how important this fact
is. The bottom line is that without a carefully controlled
living environment, the iguana can become ill. The good
news is that we’ve taken all of the guess work out of it.
You’ll learn how to properly build a home for your pet, how
to maintain it, how to properly feed and clean your iguana
and even how to begin training your pet. With these things
in place, you’ll be able to bring home an iguana and call him
your pet. And, he’ll love you for doing so!

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