17 Short Stories


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17 Short Stories is a collection of science fiction short stories by Philip K. Dick. It includes the following stories (magazines in which the stories originally appeared given in parentheses):
A World of Talent, (“Galaxy Science Fiction”, October 1954.)
Breakfast at Twilight, ("Amazing", July 1954.)
Exhibit Piece, (“If", August 1954.)
James P. Crow, (“Planet Stories”, May 1954.)
Meddler, (“Future Science Fiction”, October 1954.)
Of Withered Apples, (“Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy”, July 1954.)
Progeny, (“If”, November 1954.)
Prominent Author, (“If”, May 1954.)
Sales Pitch, (“Future Science Fiction", June 1954.)
Shell Game, (“Galaxy”, September 1954.)
Souvenir, (“Fantastic Universe”, October 1954.)
Strange Eden, (“Imagination”, December 1954.)
Survey Team, (“Fantastic Universe”, May 1954.)
The Crawlers, (“Imagination”, July 1954.)
The Last of the Masters, (“Orbit”, November-December 1954.)
Foster, You're Dead, (“Star Science Fiction Stories 3”, 1955.)
Human Is, (“Startling Stories”, Winter 1955.)

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