Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom

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The "Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Love and Wisom" is an exposition of the true nature of God, based upon the spiritual visions of the author Emanuel Swedenborg who described the spiritual realms of heaven and hell. God is not a God of wrath and anger - instead God is love itself, and He is truth itself. What one loves the most is the very source of life for a person, for without love a person cannot live. But Swedenborg takes this further, and states that God is "very Man", or a God-Man, and that every human person is created in His image. Describing the universe similar to a hologram where the part is present in the whole, Swedenborg stated that "all created things in a certain image have relation to man." Moreover, he was given a grand vision of heaven, where heaven taken together forms one complete man. As for the purpose of creation, he states, "the end of that all things may return to the creator, and that there may be conjunction." This conjunction is effected by God's love which flows into a person's will, and His truth which flows into a person's understanding.

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