3 Tales for the Horrid at Heart

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Short story by Brad Steiger, first published in Fantastic Stories of Imagination, January 1963. Short summary: RX: Take three traditional fantasy backgrounds… Add a sprinkling of goose-pimply adverbs…Stir briefly…Then drop in a most unexpected ending. Result: Three Tales for the Horrid at Heart RAPPORT I I lie chained to a bed in a lonely cabin about to embark on an experiment that will not only gain me $5,000, but do much to advance the study of extra sensory perception. RAPPORT II Who comes now from the spirit world?” asked the sepulchral voice of Professor Marco. “Henry Mallet,” replied a quivering mass of ectoplasm that had suddenly materialized in the darkness above the seance circle. RAPPORT III And you claim you’ve seen this ... thing walking through the graveyard, Smithers ?” I ask, turning up my collar against the cold October mist. “Yes, Carruthers,” he says soberly. “It shows up just after midnight.”

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