A Collection Of Short Stories

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This is a collection of 17 science fiction short stories by Robert Silverberg. The stories originally appeared in the magazines Super Science Fiction, Imagination and The Original Science Fiction Stories between 1957 and 1959.

The book includes the following stories: “A Time for Revenge” (as by Calvin M. Knox,) “Death’s Planet”, “Harwood’s Wortex”, “Misfit”, “Slaughter on Dornel IV”, “The Hunters of Cutwold” ,“Castaways of Space”, “Mournful Monster”, “Vampires from Outer Space”.

Uncollected stories: “Three Survived”, “Prime Commandment” (as by Calvin M. Knox,) “The Fight with the Gorgon” “Monsters That Once Were Men” (as by Eric Rodman,) “Planet of the Angry Giants” (as by Dirk Clinton,) “A Cry for Help” (as by Eric Rodman,) “The Horror in the Attic” (as by Alex Merriman), “Which was the Monster?” (as by Dan Malcolm.)

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