Cream for the Boss

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    Romanzi Rosa, Narrativa erotica

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They were so full, and so sensitive - she would be fine, as long as nobody touched them... Vivian had heard the other young mothers talk. Many of them were sore now that they were nursing. Many of them found the swelling and the increased size of their breasts uncomfortable. Most of them had a significant loss of libido now that they were busy with other parenting tasks. But Vivian wasn't like that at all... Having her full chest touched was her trigger point - her husband knew it, and it was all she could do to fend him off or succumb to the creamy consequences. But things were different with her husband, he wasn't her biggest concern. It was Mr. Stone, the devilishly handsome owner of the firm that she worked for... Surely Mr. Stone will keep his hands off of her and keep things professional? Certainly he doesn't have anything else in mind when he calls her in to his office for dictation? Never would he think of touching her in the two spots which are so desperately in need of relief? But she knows if he does that she will lose all control...

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