Adult Romance (2 Book Bundle): 2 Steamy Romantic Comedy Books

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Get Two steamy adult romantic comedy books inside for the price of one. Taking The Cake: When Melanie gets a new assignment to interview a local talent for a food magazine, she struggles to find anyone who fits the bill who's willing to talk to her. Until she meets Tobias. A once-top chef who quit his high-level job to pursue a long-term dream, Melanie finds herself drawn to the handsome entrepreneur - and soon, the interview takes an unexpected turn... A Winning Campaign: When Olivia, a PR maven, is landed with the campaign to make Tommy Mallard mayor of her city, she has no idea how she's going to make it work. A newcomer with good looks and charm to boot, Tommy is having trouble getting taken seriously by the old guard of the city. But soon, Olivia discovers there's more to the ambitious newbie than meets the eye - and soon, she finds that they share a bond that goes beyond the professional... To read on click on Buy now! Warning: 18+ Contains adult content

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