A Boy and His Dog (and other stories)


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Three thriller stories.
A BOY AND HIS DOG. The photo shoot is interrupted by the arrival of a big dog and his bizarre master. This mishap brings one of the models, now drugged and on the avenue of sunset, to take stock of their lives. He never did anything right, but maybe it's not too late to change. He could still do something good, save someone who really deserves it.
ALONE LIKE A CAT. On Christmas Day Lili almost invests a boy and to be forgiven invites him to have lunch with her. In that house, time seems to have stopped, since his son is gone. That boy could take his place. It's what they both want and it could even work if there was not a terrifying cat to fight them.
LIGHT OF MY EYES. Giulia has become blind. For years her sister Claudia has been taking care of her. But now the money is scarce, a decision is required for their future. But what Claudia asks her to do is scary.

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