Little (and other stories)


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Three funny and sentimental stories.
LITTLE. Chiara is drunk, to the point of launching that challenge: she will go in the bed with im. Even if it looks like a child, she knows that he is his age. He was born like that, he is a dwarf. But the joke ends badly when his ex-boyfriend intervenes. The next day, back lucid, would like to remedy, but her little friend has disappeared. What did they do to him? In amazement she realizes she really cares for him.
MULE. Strange friendship, the one between Dora and Mulo. He is a difficult, unintelligent child, teased by everyone, she is an old too talkative, lost in memories. When a niece decides to have her transferred to a retirement home, however, the unpredictable happens.
PIERROT. Re-visitation of the fairy tale of Tom Thumb seen from a completely different point of view, that of Pierrot, his elder brother, who hates him and considers him a great liar.

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