Dolls (and other stories)


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Three magical and exciting stories.
DOLLS. He remained the last one to create dolls in a crafts way. Small masterpieces, perfect as real children. And that's exactly what she's looking for. A beautiful woman, perhaps a model, who enters her shop with a special request. Satisfying it will only be the beginning of a fantastic adventure.
FISH FROM THE SKY. On the lake shore, during a hot summer night, a child experiences an incredible experience when he sees a flock of flying fish come down from the sky, coming to take shelter right in his room.
LITTLE MOUSE. Little Mouse lives in a cage, looked after and guarded by a strange woman: Eleonora. He has only one friend, Cricket, the only connection with the outside world. He tells him about fantastic and wonderful things that Mickey would like to see so much. If only he could escape from that cage.

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