Aboriginal America (Illustrated)

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It is the design of this work to narrate, in a clear, simple, and
intelligible manner, the leading events connected with the history of
our country, from the earliest periods, down, as nearly as practicable,
to the present time. The several volumes will be illustrated with all
necessary maps and with numerous engravings, and the work is
intended to comprise, in a distinct and connected narrative, all that it
is essential for the general reader to understand in respect to the
subject of it, while for those who have time for more extended
studies, it may serve as an introduction to other and more copious
sources of information.

The author hopes also that the work may be found useful to the
young, in awakening in their minds an interest in the history of their
country, and a desire for further instruction in respect to it. While it
is doubtless true that such a subject can be really grasped only by
minds in some degree mature, still the author believes that many
young persons, especially such as are intelligent and thoughtful in
disposition and character, may derive both entertainment and
instruction from a perusal of these pages.

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