3-ON-1 Mega Bundle

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A RED HOT, DRIPPING WET Bundle of NINE stories featuring the steamiest, most scintillating three-on-one encounters.

Every tale is that of a single woman, ravished by three men who simply can't get enough of her, though they try in EVERY way possible – and she can't get enough of them, despite their brutish, aggressive efforts.

There's a woman who tries to make a hot little birthday video for her hubby, pretending to be a stripper when she pulls three audience members on stage and things get very intense, very fast…

Then there's the young woman who agrees to a secret rendezvous with an older man at the local gym – only to discover he's invited a couple of his big, beefy weight-lifter friends…

And there's the young married woman whose husband agrees to let a billionaire have her for the weekend – not an unpleasant idea, she thinks, before discovering the billionaire shares all of his acquisitions…

Of course, one of the hottest tales you'll find is a young wife who attends Military for a Weekend to learn what it's like for her hubby in the armed forces, only to find herself the object of some rather INTENSE, specialized attention from the base sergeants…

And more and more and more stories of the wildest, most shocking, encounters of three-on-one action…

That's NINE arousing, steamy free-standing, self-contained, stories, just a click away…

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