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For humankind strives in myriad ways.

In the dark world of Eald Cearo, the evils of men are compounded by malevolence at the edge of sight. All lives are touched by Sorrow, and yet there is also light in the dark, for hope brings out the best in humankind’s champions against struggle.

Anthologia is a collection of five short tales set in the world of Eald Cearo:

Finding Home

Outlaw, murderer, pariah: for Vess Baer they are titles earned, and now worn with regret. While outrunning his past, he has found love; a heart he can call home. 

Yet he must also learn that responsibility comes at a terrible cost, but one which must be met. 

Spirit Weaver

Ama Rhaldyek is a girl with little experience of life. She is thrust into a dire situation in which she must learn anew about herself and what it means to really live. 

She must choose her true purpose and the decisions she makes in a place of death will change her forever.

Family Creed

As an acolyte assassin of the Nizarishin, Noah Kalesso had seen his share of endings; his own traumatic past buried beneath the Creed.

He must make decisions which could shatter his identity and call into question his whole life’s meaning.

Desolate Hopes

Abel Balat cares nothing for life and seeks harm’s way at every chance, longing to hate others as much as he loathes himself.

In a bleak and gods forsaken ruin, the choices he makes will affect the rest of his life.

By Evil Means 

Immin Grada will do anything for the woman he loves and cares little of consequences.

Greed and arrogance lead him to a tomb where he finds that both hope and despair rest upon fine margins.

If you like dark fantasy short stories, you’ll love this collection because the battle against evil has only just begun. Pick up Anthologia today! 

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