13 erotic stories (to read after 20 years)


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PORNOEBOOK. THE STORY OF INTENSE SEX FOLLOWING THE FIRST TWO STORIES ("20 EROTIC STORIES TO READ AFTER 20 YEARS" AND "15 EROTIC STORIES TO READ AFTER 20 YEARS"), DIFFERS BECAUSE THE ADVENTURES IN THE PLOTS RANGE IN ALL SEXUAL GENRES FROM HETERO TO TRANS TO BISEX TO GAY WITHOUT TELLING YOU UNTIL YOU START READING. READING FORBIDDEN TO MINORS. We would like to emphasize that the stories and stories published by Mat Marlin are not just sex relationships that are undoubtedly easy to find around the net, we like to believe that the plot and its description are an engaging reading and with a logical thread to follow, it makes us smile that the protagonist or protagonists become so real as to identify directly with them, we want to say that sex has a fundamental relevance but it is not the only topic you find in the sentences of the story, we are pleased to admit that the writing is not the usual in cubic characters but the stories are written in normal characters and the pages you read are full and real and not occupied by symbols too large to cover the space, we would like to reiterate that the reading of topics related to sex is aimed at those who have an open mind and justifying for the search for terms that are sometimes even scurrilous or maybe too decisive if not even offensive, it fills us with joy to think that our readers become loyal readers.

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