Stars of dust

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Quarta di copertina

Are we the architects of our destiny, or do the plots of our lives remain illusory, leaving us powerless?
Even when we make our best, the desired results sometimes remain out of our reach. Everyone wants to live a life without regrets, but often we sacrifice our time just to realize it's the most precious thing we have.
Riccardo Nola, the protagonist of Stars of Dust, had a cruel childhood. He discovers and falls in love with acting, but his path will not be without disappointments.
Riccardo will discover the undergrowth of the show is ruthless, and his inability to distinguish friends from enemies, will affect the beginnings of his career.
This will be a curse which will follow him all the way, like the meeting with his manager Al Sapone, an unlikely businessman who should manage his job. There will be few opportunities and Riccardo will be forced to work in the local market until he finds a better opportunity.
That opportunity comes sooner than he can imagine.
While working hard as a greengrocer, in his heart Riccardo doesn't forget his place is on stage. His dearest friend, Thomas Albergari of Polonghera, wealthy and of noble origins, involves him in an alternative project which should bring both wealth and fame.
Immerse yourself in this novel to discover the developments of the plan and the roads the lives of Thomas and Riccardo will take.

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