A Bear Comes to Town

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Ben Blackpelt has been on the run most of his life, exiled from a secret community of shifters after his father was betrayed. On his trail is a pack of three dangerous shifter assassins. They are sworn to bring him back home, dead or alive. But when Ben stops for breakfast in the small town of Lockdale, Texas, he meets...

Savannah Dean, a voluptuous redhead and single mom just trying to make ends meet as a waitress. The husky, handsome man who walks into the Sunshine Diner needs help, and before she knows it, she's falling for him.

Neither one of them wants to fall in love. Ben needs to get out of town, to stay ahead of the hunter pack. Savannah just doesn't want any more distractions in her life, certainly not a mysterious man being pursued by dangerous killers. But as their feelings for one another grow, their attraction may put them and those around them in grave danger.

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