A Bear Saves the Town

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Cole Blackpelt makes his living as an underground cage fighter up and down the Gulf Coast. When he was young, he fled his home, believing that his entire family was dead. But a wolf-shifter witch shows up to tell him his brothers are not only alive, but one of them will die if he doesn't help. 

Mallory Delgado is the curvy, pretty, but lonely sheriff's deputy in the sleepy down of Lockdale, Texas. Nothing ever happens in Lockdale, except that in the past year, there was a strange multiple homicide that left the old sheriff dead. And now the new sheriff, Ben Smith, has decided to take on the richest and most corrupt man in town, Carson DeLaine. She's worried he's bitten off more than he can chew when a pair of strangers show up in town and Ben falls mysteriously ill. But someone else is coming to Lockdale, an unlikely hero who just might save the day and steal Mallory's heart.

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