The Alpha Lion's Lover

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 "You're just a mouse! How do you expect to protect your cheese let alone the king?"

Jason just wanted to protect the king. But being a small were-mouse isn’t easy. Not only did he get no respect from anyone in the kingdom, but he was always having to dodge out of everyone’s way.

But Jason knew something; something the others didn’t. He alone knew the king needed protection. And he alone would be there for him when he was betrayed.

But can a small were-mouse save the life of the king - a large were-lion? Will he be in time? Or will he be forced to watch the kingdom crumble to the greed and hate of a traitor that only he knows about?

This story contains an HEA, Mpreg, and babies at the end. Cute babies. Insufferable little tykes that get into all sorts of trouble.

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