A Leaky Massage


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Diane went into Mark’s Massage Parlor looking for some relief. What she found would shake the foundation of her marriage to the core. Will Mark be able to give her what she needs - what her husband will not? And, will he do it hard and without protection? Look inside to find out more. You know you want to!


It had been such a long time since I'd been able to get away and take some time for myself. With three kids, a needy husband and a dog, there just wasn't enough time for me. But enough of that!

Ever since that last kid, my breasts had grown so large that they were pulling on my back and neck muscles, causing me to become sore - in more ways than one. Money was tight - you know how it is - so I just did whatever I could to relieve my muscles myself.

That's why when my friend saw an ad in the paper for a new massage parlor that was having a buy one get one free sale for all new customers, I jumped at the chance. The only downside? It was a pregnancy massage place. I wasn't pregnant, per se, but with my large, leaky breasts hanging down like ripe coconuts, I wasn't far from it.

I was a bit early to the appointment, so I sat in their comfy waiting room. It was more like a mini-living room more than anything else. I plopped my ass down on the plush sofa and leaned back to relax.

"Why hello there." I was startled awake by a sexy man's voice. When I snapped my eyes open, they nearly popped out.

"Hi!" I squeaked, a flood of juices running into my panties.

"You must be Diane. I'm Mark." The tall, muscular couldn't-have-been-more-than-nineteen-year-old thrust out his very strong, very masculine hand and shook mine.

"Nice to...uh meet you, Mark," I said breathlessly as my tiny hand slipped into his. He squeezed lightly and it was like he squeezed the inside of my pussy as fertile woman cum gushed into my panties - soaking them - and leaked down my thighs. I was too floored by his blond, sandy hair, brown eyes and large smile to even notice. Like Barbara Streisand sang: I was a woman in love.

"I'm just finishing up with my other client now," he apologized and I felt a heady rush of emotions steamroll through my body.

"Take your time," I said even though I wanted him to stop everything he was doing right then and there and begin touching me with his strong, virile hands. I got lost in a sea of sexy thought and missed what he said, only coming to when I heard the door shut and he was gone.

It's just a few minutes longer, I thought as my eyes oscillated between the clock and the door. I imagined myself as the client in the room under his sexy, watchful gaze. His brown eyes excited me and I felt my hot pussy liquids begin to seep out again. Girl, I scolded myself, get yourself under control!

It's not like he's a sex worker or anything. He's just a masseuse. That's it. Of course, that didn't help.

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