Apocalypse Smorgasborg


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A delectable stew of post apocalyptic prepper fiction. This book contains the three book dystopia series “Burning Skillet” Smoking Skillet” and “Disaster Du Jour!” A wild romp of chaotic recipes for survival with tips and tricks and survivalist barter skill savvy from a middle-aged prepper couple bugging out with a totally unprepared elderly couple from Alabama to a Florida Fish camp deep in the woods. North Korea has taken down many of the electrical grids worldwide with cyber and terrorist physical attacks and its lights out for America and her allies. Our stalwart survivors team up with others to defend what they have and bravely forage out to scavenge what’s left of society in a coastal city. Supplies are low, food is disappearing at an alarming rate and game is getting scarce as desperate people do even more desperate things to survive. Some people approach this dystopian world with a gun and violence, others use their prepper wits and skills and see an opportunity to thrive and barter. Society can be rebuilt with prepared minds and a crisis planning cookbook based on basics of barter and community resilience. Regular old country folks often are better setup then most of the populace to face this disaster in style and it is a humorous delightful read to find out just who out foxes who when it comes to putting meat and eggs on the dinner table. Better guns or better brains? You decide!

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