A Holiness Manifesto

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A Holiness Manifesto is a good climax title for a book prepared by C. W. Butler in life’s evening, and I can hardly think of any one’s leaving it out of his library, after having witnessed the nationwide ministry of the Author. I am quoted as having referred to him in the earlier days as the Martin Luther of the Holiness Movement. It is a miracle the way the Lord has strengthened him to write and preach for revivals and camp meetings. The Publisher has been asked to send me my copy, as soon as The Holiness Manifesto comes off the press.
John Paul

I have known Dr. C. W. Butler for many years. He is a tower of strength in the holiness movement. He has been honored and respected by those who have known him, and his preaching and writings have been a mighty power for God. I am sure that this new book, A Holiness Manifesto, will have a large sale and be the means of blessing many.
Stephen S. White, Editor Herald of Holiness

Dr. C. W. Butler has had a long and fruitful life in promoting Biblical truth—especially that of scriptural holiness. His virile mind, logical habits of thought, keen insights into truth, sensitivity of spirit and loyalty to the highest standards of God’s Word have made him an outstanding leader in Arminian-Wesleyan circles in America.

I know of no man who has kept the passion for a sound theology and a soul-saving ministry in closer union across the years than has Dr. Butler. He has maintained a perennially fresh approach to the Word of God, to the Throne of Grace and to the souls of men. His sermons by voice and pen have been both intellectually stimulating and soulfully satisfying. He is eminently qualified to give us instruction on the “central idea of Christianity,” namely, “true holiness.” I heartily commend his Holiness Manifesto to all who would know God and his power through Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to cleanse from all sin.
Delbert R. Rose, Ph.D. Prof. of Biblical Theology Asbury Theological Seminary Wilmore, Kentucky

For something over forty years Reverend Charles W. Butler and I have worked side by side in school, tabernacle, and camp meetings. We have had remarkable agreement in our views on all vital matters of doctrine and general policies. When he is called to a camp meeting I know the camp will get great preaching, sound teaching, and rugged truth. His messages come from a rugged personality. A man thoroughly and conscientiously in earnest saturated with truth, shot through with experience and mastered by sober thought, tugging at the mind to lead man to God and holiness of heart and life. Possessing strength without arrogance, faithfulness with charity for all that is good, and unbending opposition to all that is evil or scripturally unsound, his preaching is under the light and anointing of the Holy Spirit. He has continued as long, if not longer in years of full salvation evangelism than anyone of our time. A cedar of the mountains, a strong oak of the valley, a gleaming pine of the hills. May the sun linger on him here until it dawns upon him from the skyline of the everlasting tomorrows.
His friend—John Lakin Brasher

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