JACK and JILL and OLD DAME GILL - all 15 verses of this classic rhyme


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Contained herein are all 15 verses to this well-known children’s poem. But, who was the original author of the nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill” who went up the hill? In truth, no-one knows. It is thought to be a “nonsense” poem although there are a few truisms contained in the lines. In the 18thC. vinegar and brown paper were used to draw bruises out. But, who ever heard of someone going “uphill” to draw water? In most cases people talking about going “down” to the river or well to draw water.
The phrase "Jack and Jill" was in use in England as early as the 16th century to indicate a boy and a girl. A comedy with the title Jack and Jill was performed at the Elizabethan court in 1567-68, and the phrase was used twice by Shakespeare: in A Midsummer Night's Dream, but the poem did not eventuate until the 18th C.
We know this because the earliest known printed version comes from a reprint of John Newbery's “Mother Goose's Melody”, thought to have been first published in London around 1765.
Here, we have used the illustrated edition published by publisher J. Aldis (first name unknown) of London in 1806. That this volume with illustrations has survived for over 200 years is to say the least, amazing.
So we invite you to download a copy of this highly amusing, but accident-prone, pair to read to your children at bedtime. No doubt as they discover the “new” verses they will have you reading and re-reading this books time and again.
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pout, run out, follow, rode, ride, dog Ball, fall, hollow, holler, tumble, lie, judge, grumble, grin, plagued, Will Goat, Billy Goat, cry, knock, back, abate, play, sea-saw, gate, high, low, swing, give way, throw, Pigsty, Sow, prancer, jump, rump, droll, dance, squalled, squealed, bawled, choir, mire, not hurt, cover, dirt, jump, water pump, clean, rout, horse-whip, door, roar, sows ear, rear, twiter, supper, cup, good night

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