50 Bebop Licks

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We have scientifically analyzed and transcribed, in score and tablature, 50 of Alessio Menconi's best Bebop Licks.
Some will be thrilled to know we’ve included 50 free video lessons along the book, which you will find in a private YouTube channel.
This method is a distillation of knowledge of a musician who has explored the Bebop language and that gives you the ultimate audio-visual support to facilitate the task of learning what is behind jazz improvisation.
This practical and fun book will grant you some major improvements with regard to technique, improvisation and composition skills. It will allow you to complete the knowledge of scales and arpeggios gained through the manual Jazz Guitar Lessons - The secrets of improvisation and harmony and contextualize it in the Bebop style.
Preface written by Andrea Golembiewski

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