150 Everyday Uses of English Prepositions. Book 3


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The secret to speaking English perfectly

This is book three of the very popular series ‘150 Everyday Uses of English Prepositions’.
In this final book we take you from intermediate to advanced usage.

Do you sometimes worry if your English sounds broken? If you do then you should definitely concentrate on improving your use of prepositions.


Because prepositions are literally the glue that stick English together. If you are not using them properly then your English will sound broken.

This book will:
Help you get a higher score in TOEFL and other tests.
Help you sound more fluent.
Improve your listening skills.
Teach you real everyday English.
Give you confidence that you are using English correctly.

So if you are an elementary or intermediate English learner and want to take your language skills to the next level please get a copy today and never speak ‘broken English’ again.

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