A History of Greek Economic Thought

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The need of a reinterpretation of Greek economic theory in the light of our modern humanitarian economy is presented in the introduction to this work. If this volume may, in some degree, meet such a need, by awakening the classicist to the existence of important phases of Greek thought with which he is too unfamiliar, and by reminding the economist of the many vital points of contact between Greek and modern economy, our labor will have been amply repaid. There are doubtless errors both in citations and in judgment which will not escape the critic’s eye. We trust, however, that the work is, on the whole, a fair representation of the thought of the Greeks in this important field. In the course of our study, we have naturally been obliged to make constant reference to the actual economic environment of the Greeks, as a proper background for their theories. It is therefore our purpose to publish, at some future date, a general history of economic conditions in Greece, which may serve as a companion to this volume.

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