Crisis, Turnaround and Corporate Reorganization


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Crisis, Turnaround and Corporate Reorganization. It is a work born from the study of corporate crisis, the Default and the cleansing of the companies. Even before starting the PhD, the author has analyzed the risk of default of agri-business and the rating as a system for identifying the probability of default in a research consortium under a second level Master. After returning in 2010 for a research group on governance strategies Turnaround and decided to study the one hand and on the other the default remediation to understand when and how to effectively make a turnaround. Companies in crisis at some point in their life cycle are at a crossroads; on the one hand and on the other the default salvation and this is the time to enable an effective turnaround strategy that can bring the company back on track. The identification of these strategies is of paramount importance not only for scholars, but primarily for managers. First, an intervention is carried out and the results will be better.

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