Perfect 10 SciFi Space / Marine / Military Plots #17-1 "ANOTHER EARTH – KEPLER 452B"


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The year is 2190. Major Lustrum and a team of hundred men and women are traveling to Kepler 452B – the other Earth. There have been several exploratory missions sent to Kepler already. They all reported never to have seen a humanoid form on the planet. On the last leg of the voyage, eight Plutonian space ships join Lustrum’s astro-spatial vessel. They will be landing on Kepler with Lustrum’s team. Soon after their arrival, the five hundred or so Plutonian and Earth men disperse to explore the areas surrounding the South Coast of New America. During their journey inland, Lustrum and his group come upon a “man” who speaks Aramaic. His name is Ramses II. His ancestors lived on Earth ten thousand years ago. Once the over abusive treatment of the land forced them to leave Earth they came to Kepler and called it Egyptus. When the group returns to the beach, they see that all of the Plutonian ships are detained – along with their crew under a dome-like structure. Lustrum explains that he came in peace. However, the Plutonian fleet admiral has other ideas. As soon as his ships are released, he tries engaging battle against Ramses and his air force. Will Ramses, together with Lustrum be able to annihilate the invaders?

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