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Against the belief that everything is beneficial is natural. Nature is a powerful machine that produces life and death. It gives us life and death. Everything: from the smallest (bacteria) to the biggest (galaxies), all things are born and all things die, it’s only a matter of time. Whilst using too easily the adjective “natural”, in reality we have a lot to learn and understand from this machine. Starting from the fact that nature is neither kind, nor fair nor beautiful. These are judgments and human projections. Nature does not care about us. And when we nominate it to justify behaviors, opinions, values, we commit mistakes and sometimes tragedies. Mixing everyday life examples and philosophy, and using a caustic and irreverent style, the authors debunk all the controversial beliefs – from the relationship with technology to the paradox of “zero km” food and natural therapies, up to the birth of the “collective environmentalist” and the loathsome implementation of the precautionary approach to risk management – in a reverse perspective which stimulate a reflection on what we intend for nature.

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