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In treating of carpet manufacture, which involves the employment of looms and other machinery of a complicated nature, I was confronted with the problem, how far it was necessary or desirable to explain and illustrate mechanical devices. Upon consideration, it seemed advisable, having regard to the scope of the book, to avoid as far as possible both descriptions and diagrams of a mechanical nature. A certain standard of mechanical intelligence is assumed in the reader; but this work, like the rest of the series, is intended for the layman; and it is impossible to describe and explain detailed mechanical movements except at considerable length and with the aid of elaborate diagrams. Those who wish to study the technique of the subject in detail are referred to Mr. Fred Bradbury’s book, Carpet Manufacture (F. King & Sons, Ltd., Halifax, 1904), which, though it has not been brought up to date, is a classic for the trade, as all experts are aware. I am indebted to him for the use of several blocks.

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