Summary Of Becoming By Michelle Obama

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Summary Of Becoming By Michelle Obama.

 “Becoming” is a stunning memoir of one of the former first ladies of the United States of America: the exceptional Michelle Obama. This book takes us from Michelle’s peaceful childhood spent with her parents and her only brother in her great aunt’s house, to her last days at the white house with her husband Barak Obama and their two beloved daughters.

In “Becoming”, Michelle speaks openly about her education, her carrier, how she found love when she had least expected it, and the sacrifices her small family had to make when her husband decided to become president.

Mrs. Obama in this book tackles numerous issues she had to face as an African American growing up on the south side of Chicago where laid racism and violence back then. Through this book we get to see how politics can shape one’s personal life, and how one’s upbringing and background can shape back politics.

It is obvious that “Becoming” is Michelle’s way to tell the world about the difficulties she endured as a woman standing by the side of a man who will always be remembered by history. Therefore, this is a book about family, dreams and hard work made to achieve those dreams. It is a book about how to live as expected under the eyes of the world and succeed at not losing your true self in the process.

If you are too busy to go through the whole book, this summary will help you tremendously.

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