This Side of Paradise


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"This Side of Paradise" is an intimistic and autobiographical novel written by the American author Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The story is set in New York between 1911 and 1920, the year of publication of the work.The work features a young bourgeois born of a rich Irish family: his name is Amory Blaine. The boy is quite charming and his mold is intellectual. In fact, the whole story speaks of Amory's formation and inner development. He is well aware, in fact, of his qualities: he has a great self-esteem, engages in various fields and is also very competitive. He writes poetry, engages in politics, knows religion and does everything to emerge on a social level.In the meantime, he also attends the prestigious Princeton University, begins to have several love stories but always disappointing. From these stories, the boy, always comes out destroyed, because his expectations towards the female gender lead him inexorably to suffering.Above all, the relationship ended with Isabelle makes him suffer a lot. Also, after graduating for Amory begins a dark period, full of disappointments and financial losses that will lead him, little by little, to reflect on the meaning of life. The Protagonist, now an adult, really begins to wonder what is really important in life.  If he can not hold on to something external, then perhaps it is better that he turns inward and seeks, at least, at least to understand himself and his role in life, which is always very difficult and complex. A psychological work, sometimes dramatic, suffered and complex like life.

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