Tea / Its Mystery and History


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Notes On The Chinese Language-----Extract From Mr. Lo Fong Loh's Journal-----Chapter I. Legendary Origin Of The Plant-----Chapter II. Introduction Of Tea Into England-----Chapter III. Appreciation Of The Leaf-----Chapter IV. The Plant Botanically Considered-----Chapter V. History Of The Tea Trade-----Chapter VI. The Coloring Of The Leaf-----Chapter VII. Social Character Of The Beverage-----Chapter VIII. The "Drink Of Health"-----Chapter IX. The Virtues Of The Leaf-----Chapter X. A Cup Of Tea


.....ACCORDING to the most authentic Chinese historians, the Tea plant was introduced from the Corea in the eighth century, during the dynasty of Lyang. Being both approved of and much relished by the Emperor it was extensively cultivated, so that it rapidly became popular with all sections of the community. As this story was too prosaic for general acceptation, the masses, and even certain skeptical literati, readily received a more poetical account, which, like many of our own nursery tales, veils some political allegory. 

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