TOP o' the WORLD - A Once Upon a Time Children's Fantasy Tale


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TOP o’ the WORLD is a tale of ONCE UPON A TIME…..
This is a child’s fantasy / fairy tale of Maida who visited the Wishing Pole at the North Pole, despite some very wise men with bald heads and long white beards who say there isn’t a Wishing Post at all!

This is one of those gems of the children’s literary world that for some unfathomable reason never became a best seller. Not only does it have a cracking story-line it also has six exquisitely crafted full page colour plates but also 20 BnW vignettes to help young readers visualise the story as it progresses.

In this book you will read about how Maida, who loves ice-cream, met the “Man with the Growly Voice”, who was an arctic explorer who told her a whole lot of interesting things about his journeys and voyages AND about the wishing post. The last thing she remembered, he was telling her about the time he met Father Christmas at the North Pole – and then she woke up in bed with a desire to find the Wishing Post and Father Christmas. Then he room was flooded with a bright eerie light. So, she went to the window and saw the Man with the Growly Voice who came to her and said, “I’ve come to take you to the Wishing Post.”
What happened next you may ask? Well you’ll just have to download this book and find out for yourself.
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